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Payment Methods

Payments relating to Projects and any other Services between Users

We do not administer any payments relating to projects or any other services between Users. End Users and Tradies are fully responsible for making their own payment arrangements. Without limiting Clause 4 (Using the Website), as a condition of use, you acknowledge that you must not (a) fail to deliver payment for services delivered to you, and (b) fail to deliver Tradie Services for which you were hired to deliver.

You agree to indemnify against any and all claims against it for any failure to deliver payment for Services delivered to you or failure to deliver Services for which you were hired to deliver.

Payments relating to our membership and services fees

All your data, including personal information and passwords, is protected using the highest commercially available 256-bit SSL encryption technology. We make every effort to ensure that your information will not be intercepted or compromised. only accepts payments relating to our membership and services fees via PayPal. We do not collect credit card information. PayPal automatically encrypts all sensitive credit card information sent between your computer and PayPal's servers and does not share this information with To find out more about how PayPal protects buyers, visit

Additional Security Steps

It is imperative that all web browsers installed on your computer are properly and securely configured. You can configure your web browsers to (a) disable web browser features that can cause computer vulnerabilities, (b) tell you when your details are being sent, and (c) warn you if your details are not being sent in a secure way.

To securely configure each of the browsers installed on your computer, we recommend that you follow the detailed and comprehensive instructions available here. Additional information on ‘How to Clear Your Browser’s Cookies’ can be found here.

Online security is constantly evolving. We therefore recommend that you ensure your browsers and security configuration are always up-to-date.

Please note that is not responsible for the secure configuration of your browsers or the content of external websites. As such, it is your responsibility to complete the necessary due diligence to ensure that you have the latest versions of the browsers installed on your computer and to ensure that those browsers are properly configured for maximum security.























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