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  • Tips for Sustainable Landscaping and garden design

    Sustainable landscaping and Garden Design is an approach to designing and constructing the artificial landscapes that surround our buildings and improving the natural landscapes which already exist. Sustainable landscaping means putting back much of what may have been in place before development, thereby enhancing biodiversity. It may also mean introducing things that were not there before, to ensure that the landscape can be socially, economically and environmentally sustainable in future. While the benefits are obvious (less maintenance, cost and labour) actually achieving a sustainable landscape and garden means changing the way we think about home landscaping. The following are a few tips for sustainable landscaping and garden design.

    Published: 29 August 2021

  • Keeping Kids and Pets Safe In The Shed

    When was the last time you crawled on your hands and knees around your garage or your shed? As strange as that may sound, maybe you should give it a try. If you have children or pets, you should be well aware that they have a natural tendency to explore their everyday environment. Therefore, it is imperative that you check things out from their perspective to ensure that your garage and shed are child and pet friendly. When we hear the term childproofing, we often think of babies. However, whether we like to believe it or not, the leading cause of death in kids 14 years of age and under is due to unintentional injury. What is more astounding is that more than a third of these injuries occur right at home. With that being said, it is clear to see that safety around your home is something that should be taken very seriously. Many home garages or sheds are filled with power tools, hazardous chemicals, heavy boxes, and choking hazards like small screws and bolts. In these parts of the home, families may not have taken the same precautions they did to secure chemicals in the kitchen or laundry room. This guide contains basic safety information and actionable tips that homeowners who have garages or sheds can use to reduce injury risk for children or pets.

    Published: 17 July 2021

  • HVAC Preventative Maintenance Checklist

    Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems are a critically important part of your house. One of your most essential tasks as a homeowner is to keep your HVAC functioning effectively and efficiently. A poorly maintained HVAC system results in higher energy bills. If the system is not running at its peak efficiency, it will take more and more energy to heat or cool your home to the level at which you feel comfortable. Planned maintenance of your HVAC system means lower energy costs because a well-maintained system reduces energy usage. Here are some things you should regularly check and do to ensure your HVAC system is in good working order.

    Published: 27 June 2021

  • 10 Tips for an Easy DIY Move

    Are you planning your next move? Are you looking to save big bucks? Then DIY move is the way to go. While hiring a professional moving company may save you time and energy, it certainly won’t save you money. That is because removalists can be quite expensive to hire. Fortunately, there are less expensive ways to move. Renting a moving truck, trailer, or moving container are a few ways you can cut down on relocation costs when preparing for a DIY move. These options also make it possible for you to move yourself without having to resort to hiring a moving company. Of course, there are some valuables – for instance a piano, valuable antique, hot tub or heavy appliance – that are best left to the professionals when moving. For these specific items, it is highly recommend hiring a specialty removalist to handle the delicate items. Most other items, though, can easily be moved with the help of friends. For recommendations on making your DIY a bit easier, take a look at the following 10 tips.

    Published: 27 June 2021

  • Home Maintenance Schedule and Checklist

    Home ownership is the main financial investment for majority of people in Australia and all over the world. For most people, this is often seen as an ultimate life goal. Having your own parcel of land and living in your own home is a great achievement. With this investment and achievement comes an equally huge responsibility of caring for your home. To keep your house looking great and to prevent serious damage, it really pays to constantly perform routine maintenance. Some tasks are required to be done as regularly as weekly and monthly, whereas others, normally the bigger and more involving tasks, require to be done on an annual, two yearly, five yearly or ten yearly intervals. To make it easier and ensure that you do not miss any essential planned preventative maintenance tasks for your home, we have put together a home maintenance checklist below, which contains the fundamentals for home maintenance, and if you do your best to stick to it, you will reap the rewards a few years down the track.

    Published: 27 June 2021

  • 5 Main Types of Water Heaters

    If you are in the market for a new hot water system for your home, you may not exactly know what you’re looking for due to a number of reasons, including knowledge of the available products and prevailing technology. A hot water system isn’t something you go out and buy every day and some people may only need to purchase one or two in their entire lifetime. As such, it is absolutely okay not knowing anything about hot water systems until, of course, you need one. If you are looking to buy a new hot water system for your home and wondering what your options are, then you have found the right place. Here is a detailed description of 5 types of hot water system including conventional, tankless, solar, heat pump and condensing types.

    Published: 27 June 2021

  • Alternatives Materials to Traditional Double Brick Walling

    If you are planning to start a new home construction or renovation project, you most definitely would have been faced with so many choices of building materials, house components, and building methods that are available today among other aspects involved in new builds and renovations. It certainly can be overwhelming but the trick is to analyse all the available choices and understanding their pros and cons. Of all the materials choices, one of the most important is the choice of wall material and construction method. As one of the largest parts of the home, the walling material you choose will have a huge impact on the cost of your build, how quickly work progresses, your home’s environmental footprint and ongoing energy efficiency. Aesthetics are a major consideration too, with different materials suited to different architectural styles. Traditional double brick homes are slowly being replaced by structures built using new materials and alternative forms of construction particularly in Western Australia. Below are some of the key alternatives that you should definitely consider.

    Published: 21 June 2021

  • Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing Window Blinds

    Blinds are one of the most popular types of window covering as they are highly functional and versatile. Whether you opt for woven wood shades or the softer, more homely fabric aesthetic. There are many different types of blinds, so you need to be sure which will suit your décor and functional requirements better. What will be the primary purpose of the blinds? Will they be decorative or more blackout blinds? Do you prefer a vertical blind or horizontal blinds? Do you require manual blinds or would motorized blinds be more suited to your needs? This guide tackles most of the questions you may have in relation to choosing your perfect window blinds, and outlines the different types and most popular styles of window blinds.

    Published: 07 June 2021

  • Who is an electrician and what do they do

    An electrician is a tradesman specializing in electrical wiring of buildings, transmission lines, stationary machines, and related equipment. Electricians may be employed in the installation of new electrical components or the maintenance and repair of existing electrical infrastructure. Electricians may also specialize in wiring ships, airplanes, and other mobile platforms, as well as data and cable lines.

    Published: 29 December 2020

  • What is the better trade - Plumber or Electrician

    If you are at the start of your professional career, you may be torn between two or more trade professions. Two of the most common trade professions are electrician and plumber. There is one thing that electricians and plumbers have in common. They are both skilled trades that are in high demand. There is no doubt that both trades will continue to be in high demand for a long time, so the choice might be personal for many. You might be faced with the question – plumber vs. electrician – which job is better? However, if you are having a hard time deciding, here are some of the most important aspects about plumbers and electricians that you should know.

    Published: 29 December 2020

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