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  • Home Development Approval Checklist

    To reduce potential time delays, challenges and frustrations associated with incomplete applications for Development Approval, it is imperative that you consider all the relevant requirements prior to lodgement of your application. Although Development Approval are different from council to council, below is a sample checklist that could help you to identify and consider all the requirements. It is highly recommended that you consult your local council for the relevant checklist.

    Published: 09 January 2020

  • Example of a Home Design Brief

    The Home Design Brief is a document that is used as a starting point in designing a home and is first drafted by the client and then refined with the help of a building designer or an architect. It is essential that your wishes and essential requirements are understood as clearly as possible right from the very beginning. Note that a Home Design Brief does not have to be a lengthy document, often a couple of pages will be enough, but your brief should be seriously discussed with the other people in your life who will have a vested interest in the home before design work begins.

    Published: 06 January 2020

  • Home Fire Safety Tips

    Home fires can start and spread very quickly, which is why we all need to be careful and informed when it comes to home fire safety. Just a little bit of risk assessment and mitigation can make a big difference for your family.

    Published: 30 December 2019

  • 20 Most Common Air Conditioning Problems

    While some of the most commonly reported air conditioning malfunctions only require simple DIY fixes or quick service call, many of the malfunctions develop into much bigger and costly problems if unresolved. The number one cause of suboptimal operation of your air conditioning unit requires the simplest and cheapest DIY fix. Below are 20 most common air conditioning problems.

    Published: 08 December 2019

  • Top Painting Dos and Don'ts

    For your next paint job, whether you are looking to hire a professional painter or undertake a DIY paint project yourself, below are top painting dos and don’ts that you should consider ensuring you end up with your desired beautiful outcome.

    Published: 30 November 2019

  • Health and Safety Incident Management

    Person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) refers to the legal entity running the business or undertaking, and includes incorporated entities, sole traders, partners of a partnership. PCBU’s must develop Incident Management Procedures, which detail how they manage all Health and Safety incidents within the business or undertaking. The law requires that PCBU’s notify must notify their local regulator immediately after becoming aware of any incident that results in death or an injury that requires substantial medical treatment. Notification is also required immediately the PCBU or self-employed person or person in charge of prescribed equipment becomes aware of a serious incident.

    Published: 29 October 2019

  • 12 Health And Safety Golden Rules

    The following Health and Safety Golden Rules serve as a guide to operational discipline, workplace health and safety. Each one of the 12 rules should be linked to control and check points to execute critical tasks to prevent safety incidents. The aim of these Health and Safety Golden Rules is to enhance safety culture by providing basic guidance to carry out work in a safe manner and ensure that individuals are aware of these rules and act accordingly.

    Published: 25 October 2019

  • Health and Safety Tips For Tradies

    Approximately 10 tradies are badly injured at work every day, with nearly a quarter of all roofers, labourers and plumbers experiencing back pain from lifting injuries, trips, and falls when handling materials. These injuries often lead to extended time off work or the inability to successfully manage one’s own business. These statistics are staggering even though the most common causes of injuries are hazards that are widely talked about and can, if appropriate addressed, easily eliminated to reduce the risks of serious and sometimes fatal injuries. Below are some common health and safety hazards and some strategies to make sure you stay healthy and safe at work.

    Published: 06 October 2019

  • Health And Safety In Your Home

    Most people spend a lot of time inside their homes believing that their greatly valued sanctuaries are safe for them, their children and anyone they invite over, completely oblivious of the myriad hazards with potential risks to their health and safety. Below are some common safety hazards in and around an average home and some precautionary measures that could be taken to address them.

    Published: 17 August 2019

  • Tax Return Tips For Tradies

    It's that time of the year again when one of few things that can be said to be certain in life pre-occupies everyone’s mind – lodgement of tax return – and therefore a time to ensure you have your (expenses) ducks in a row. While it is imperative that you are completely honest and compliant with the latest tax legislation to avoid incurring interest charges and administrative penalties, you also want to maximize the number and amount of deductions you claim. Here are some tips to help you maximize your deductions while preparing your tax return.

    Published: 02 August 2019

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