User Verification Policy

This User Verification Policy was last modified on 01 January 2021.

This User Verification Policy outlines the Personal and Business Information that collects for the purposes of User and Tradie Identification and Verification.

This User Verification Policy must be read in conjunction with the User Agreement, Privacy Policy and other linked notices, disclaimers and policies.

Contact Details

We encourage our Users to provide all the required Contact Details to ensure completeness of their User Profiles. collects the following Personal Information for User Verification:

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Job Title
  4. Phone
  5. Mobile
  6. Email
  7. Profile Picture (max file size 5MB; allowed extensions are: .jpg, .jpeg, .png and .gif)
  8. Location (Suburb, Postcode and State)
  9. Personal Bio
  10. Facebook URL
  11. Twitter URL
  12. Google+ URL
  13. LinkedIn URL

Business Details

We encourage our Tradies to provide all the required Business and Contact Details to ensure completeness of their Tradie Profiles. collects the following Business Information for Tradie Verification:

  1. ABN Number
  2. Business Logo
  3. Trade Category
  4. Service & Product Specialities
  5. Business Profile (year established, number of employees, introduction to your company and business capabilities)
  6. Tradie Qualifications
  7. Tradie Licences
  8. Completed Project Images (minimum image dimensions are: Width 1280px, Height 720px. Image must be of landscape orientation. Allowed extensions are: .jpg, .jpeg, .png and .gif)
  9. Street Number, Street name, City/Suburb/Town, State and Postcode
  10. Business Facebook URL
  11. Business Twitter URL
  12. Business Google+
  13. Business LinkedIn URL
  14. Business Website

We encourage our Tradie to include details of their Trade Qualifications (including Qualification Certificates and issuing authorities) and Trade Licences (including Licencing Body and Licence Numbers) where possible in order to further strengthen their Tradie Profiles and increase Customer Confidence.


If you have any questions about this User Verification Policy or if you wish to report breaches of this User Verification Policy, User Agreement, or any other linked notices, disclaimers and policies, please contact our Customer Support Team at